Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mystery location

I received two canal-themed cards for my birthday last month. One was a charming painting of Cropredy (which I would not have recognised if it hadn't been written on the back, to be honest, but that might just be me), and the other one was presented simply as a generic boaty scene. But where is it? It certainly looks as if it could be Little Venice, but I am intrigued by the fact that there are loads of small boats gathered there, as if for a rally or festival. But on the other hand they don't look exactly trailable so that rules out an unconnected waterway. Answers on the proverbial postcard....


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Yes I agree, it is Lisson Grove between Little Venice and the tunnel.

    The boats are "normal" length (well 50 -60ft)its just the telephoto lens foreshortening them.

    Paul (Capricorn)

  2. Hi Sarah
    Looks like you need a refresher trip on Tarporley :)
    Its definitely Blomfield Road moorings taken from Warwick Avenue Bridge looking towards the tunnel. Most of those boats are still there.
    It was not that sunny this morning though!

  3. Whoops - I got the location right but called the road the wrong name (honest!)

  4. I received that card for my birthday last year!