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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Final seaside postcards

 A few more views to wrap up my trip to Newhaven.

The remains (we think) or a marker buoy, planted in the shingle.

A wooden boardwalk at Tidemills - again, that's what I'm assuming it is.
And a close up with some of the amazingly varied fauna to be found there.

Along with traces of nearby fauna - how many bramble bushes end up with whelk* egg cases in them? Loads of big black mermaids' purses had washed up as well.

Here's a proper postcard view, looking from the cliffs out over the harbour arm towards Seaford Head.
And finally, looking in the same direction from the beach at Tidemills.

*possibly. It's great that we can Google 'identify fish egg cases'  but I wouldn't say I was 100% certain.

This is by way of an interlude - I already have a backlog of random building walks to write up, and there's not much time between work and snooker. Perhaps things will improve once the snooker's finished ...

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