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Tuesday 29 December 2020

East, West ...

This hand-carved wooden bowl, which I brought back from Sussex, was a present to my father from a German friend. More, perhaps, of my father's time in post-War Germany another time.

For now it's a way of distracting you from this post being a shameless ripoff of one (one more, probably) of Diamond Geezer's; to whit, the furthest North, South, East and West that one travelled in 2020. 

The furthest North I travelled was on January 27th, and was quite a decent distance:

This East coast city also marked my most Westerly destination of 2020.

I visited my most Easterly point almost a year later:

Which was also, by a small margin, the furthest South I ventured in 2020.
So that is either quite unadventurous, or commendably economical - two for the price of one, twice.

Most of the year, of course, I spent pretty much in the middle of the map.

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