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Monday, 28 December 2020

A new beetroot for the collection

When I last (I think) wrote about my anthropomorphised pottery emotional vegetable receptacle collection, it numbered three (two sad onions and a confused celery). It has since expanded to fifteen - a true collection indeed, including six onions (mostly sad), three celeries, three beetroot, a chutney, an apple sauce, and a cucumber that looks like Tony Blair. Seven of these were purchased as a complete collection, in a charity shop in Hassocks, when I was visiting a friend there. This was quite soon after the collection was begun, so was very serendipitous (and I am clearly, therefore, not the only one). The remainder I have picked up singly in charity shops (and I think I had one further onion from Sebastian).

The most recent acquisition is an absolutely stunning SylvaC beetroot which Sebastian gave me for Christmas. I have had to promise him that I will leave the collection to someone else in my will.

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