Thursday, 3 August 2017

Blossom's back!

I recently weeded out my old boat blogroll, and removed anyone who hadn't posted for a year (sadly quite a high proportion, leaving just four stalwarts - all of whom are flagging a bit. One of those culled was Darley. But a chance glance down Halfie's comprehensive blogroll recently revealed that Blossom is back! His excuse for not posting is that he's been boating - pah! Someone had better catch him and train him up in the dark arts of mobile blogging (not me, I fear, as I still can't post photos from the iPad).

I really do hope you keep it up Blossom - always love reading about your exploits, past and present - here's to the future ones. And you're back on the blogroll!


  1. Sarah,

    I note that I am not in your blogroll and I am still blogging since 2005 - although it sometimes gets difficult. We have met (occasionally) and you may recall that your Warrior blog and Albert's blog were both praised for their content by Granny Buttons (back in the good old days?).

    You are in my roll.

    Best wishes, Steve

  2. Gosh, Sarah, my blogroll is nowhere near as comprehensive as, say, Adam's Briar Rose list. But thanks for the mention. Yes, Blossom, please blog more!

    Steve, please fix your Albert blog such that it will allow comments. I have wanted to comment in the past but there has been no way to do so.

  3. Don't bang 'em about

    This should be Timothy Wests saying