Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ricky reports

The latest from our canine correspondent.

Last weekend I went with my humans to their floating kennel. Sometimes they untie it and we all float away, which is quite nice when the sun is shining. But then sometimes they stop and get off, and I have to call them back. They are often quite bad at coming back and I have to bark and bark. I know they've heard me because they don't go far and they keep looking at me. They are just being wilful.

Anyway, last weekend we didn't go floating. I like it best when we stay in the kennel place, especially when we go in the pub. Everyone says hello to me and tells me I'm beautiful, which is nice. There are lots of other dogs to sniff, and most of them are friendly. We went for some lovely walks in the woods.
I had to lead the way as they are not very bright.

I also helped them get the kennel ready to go floating.
They weren't very appreciative. Supposing the wind had got up? They'd have been glad of me then.

I have bought my dad a t-shirt so that everyone will know about the good work I do for humans.


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  2. Can't find the right Google account! Where's my Enceladus one gone? Anyway, what I was trying to say was...Ricky, don't worry about your humans, there will be some lovely new houndie friends for you to make when your floating kennel comes to Brownhills. You can compare notes