Sunday, 9 April 2017

No hurry

Day 2: Hopwas Wood to Huddlesford Junction: 1 hour 55 including winding.

It's an odd thing, this not hurrying. Having time to stop and sit around. Read books. Go for walks. We have a relatively short distance to go, in a relatively long time, for us.

Today was another lovely hot sunny one - and I have really caught the sun. We set off just before nine, and were tied up in time for elevenses. Jim did some more polishing and we dressed the boat up, just for fun, and in honour of a visit from the Princess Lucies this afternoon. Ricky had a great time catching up with Mr Jones and tonight we are off to the Plough for dinner.

Last night we had butter beans and spinach in tomato and roast garlic sauce, with brown basmati rice.

We spent some time this afternoon poring over Nicholsons 2, planning our journey into the mysterious badlands of the Tame Valley canal, the Rushall canal and the Daw End branch. Oh, not forgetting the Birmingham and Fazeley - all new territory for us.


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