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Friday 7 April 2017

Another new headlamp

I can't keep track of all the new and old headlamps we've had. One nice old one, smashed on a bridge; replaced with an even nicer one, whose bulb went just pre-Braunston tunnel last year, and we couldn't find a replacement. So we had to buy a cheap modern emergency one because we'd left the other cheap modern emergency one at home.
The weekend before last, Jim fitted yet another one. This was a lamp we'd bought in the Braunston marquee a few years ago, but had never had a bulb for, with a LED array we'd bought for, but couldn't fit to, last summer's one. This is handy because it's got a bracket, and we still haven't replaced the stalk that was damaged in the Drunken Hippy Bridge Incident. So it's bolted through the deckboard. Which also needs painting. Never ending isn't it.

Tomorrow we'll be setting off, for Catshill Junction on the Wyrley and Essington, via the Plough at Huddlesford Junction, where we'll be meeting up on Sunday night with the Princess Lucies and Mr Jones. It seems quite strange that the trip will be such a short one - three short* days, even taking in the detour. If all goes smoothly we should arrive in plenty of time for the Brownhills gathering. I shall try to do a daily, pictureless, log post, to illustrate and expand upon on my return.

* The Chertsey guide to cruising days:
10 hours = a day
12+ hours = a long day
8 hours = a short day
6 hours = half a day
< 6 hours = is it worth starting the engine?