Friday, 14 June 2013


As many of you will know, Tony Blews has moved his fabulous waterways website rankings to a new server (or something) meaning that the old code ceased working. Most bloggers have dutifully inserted the new code* into their widget and continued to be ranked against each other and compiled by Halfie every Sunday teatime. I've just deleted mine. From the perspective the common interest, I'm sure I shouldn't have. After all, the rankings will only have any validity if a critical mass of websites participate. But from a personal point of view - I'm always in danger of getting obsessed with it. People like me just shouldn't get involved with that sort of thing. So with one less thing to obsess over, I'll have more energy to devote to Grand Union fleet numbers.

*Lucky I proofread that - I had you all inserting a cod into your widget which doesn't sound at all pleasant.


  1. or constitutions of unregulated bodies, to grain or paint, if paint what colour, charity shopping, the meaning of life or perhaps what rivett to use, possessive appostrophies, my spelling, the Unthanks


  2. And who just sent me a PDF entitled 'GUCCCo boats in work at 14th September 1944'?
    (Greatly appreciated!)

  3. Hi Sarah. Just wanted to thank you for the 'angry people in local newspapers' link I've only now noticed - liked the "first world klaxon" comment! Says it all ;-)