Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The great pot shift

Re-reading my post about an interesting discovery in the washing up bowl (what do you mean, 'a life'?) I was reminded of a sign I saw in a teaching room last semester - 'Please do not leave dirty pots in the room' - which caused a bit of a double take, a pot being, to my mind, either a large vessel in which you cook something, or a (similarly sized) one in which a toddler pees (etc).

And this in turn led me to ruminate upon the question, similar to that of how far north I can pronounce 'bath' without being pointed and laughed at (around Northampton, I'm led to believe), of where washing the dishes becomes washing the pots, or vice versa.


  1. I'm from Northampton you will get no laugh from me

  2. Not washing the pots but doing the pots..... for clarification ! (Derby)


  3. Washint Pots here in Sheffield

  4. As a Noutherner, I can report that 'Doing the washing-up' gets you out of that hole