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Friday 21 June 2013

The same river twice

Kegworth Deep Lock to Kings Lock
24 1/2 miles, 18 locks, 11 3/4 hours

Bit of an epic day today, mainly occasioned by the necessity of Not Stopping in Leicester, which, I can confirm, has the highest concentration of pissheads per mile of towpath of any city in England (I wouldn't like to speak for Scotland).

The old proverb has it that you can't step in the same river twice... And this river is very different fromthe Soar we boated on Warrior in 2009. Then we were going downstream and it was nearly - and ultimately, actually - in flood, making for a hair raising journeynthat has led me ever since to say that the Soar is the scariest river I have travelled.

Today however all was calm, green and sunshine and dragonflies and the delicious smell of weirs; riparian loveliness at its, well, most riparian loveliest.

Leicester is a funny place. Miles of town centre moorings that no one dares use, not even a hippy commune; masses of people who are mad, drunk, both or otherwise scary - and yet it could be great.

Random photo of Freemans Meadow lock by the football ground.

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