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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Another twelve hour day, but rather more miles covered

Here I am back on my Newhaven sofa, after another day of travelling, only mostly by road this time.

We left Retford on Chertsey at eight this morning, setting off after Aquarius, Thea and Elizabeth - and after Jim on Elizabeth fished a shopping trolley out of the canal just above the lock and thus solved the mystery of the recently appeared lump. Progress was much faster today than inthe opposite direction last week and we were back at Clayworth in three hours. It took us another half hour to tie up as we fought the wind to find a place where we could get reasonably close to the bank, and then rather longer than we had envisaged to transfer a surprising amount of luggage back to the car.

Then we were off at far higher speed, on our way to Norfolk, where we met up with the marvellous Keith from Boatshed who handed over Singapore's keys, and a box file of information and history - she's a well documented boat. Then it was back on the road to home, where we arrived at about eight pm - another day of twelve hours travelling, but rather more miles covered than yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll get on the big computer and take a look at the photos I've taken with my new big camera, and no doubt they will inspire some more posts. In the meantime, here is one of the less nutritious meals enjoyed on the trip.

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