Monday, 27 June 2011

Why Braunston is better than Glastonbury

Augmented list

1. Sunnier
2. Nicer toilets
3. Cheaper food
4. Quieter (except in the beer tent)
5. Less mud
6. More boats
7. No Beyonce
8. Better campsite
9. Fewer half-witted young people (c. Jim)
10. More boats


  1. And no half witted young people about. The Young Narrowboaters are, of course, extremely full witted and therefore don't count as 'young people'.

  2. Glastonbury would be my vision of hell,too crowded and too many people.To be honest Braunston would be too much for me as well.

  3. Number 5 should be Number 1 Sarah!

    This will post as annon, I have trouble with blogspot

    Sue NP

  4. Number 7: Bloody Beyonce wasn't at Braunston
    Paul (Capricorn)