Monday, 20 June 2011

Boaters' preoccupations

Browsing and catching up on my favourite blogs this morning, a little phrase leapt out and caught my eye. Who said it isn't important (Adam, if you're reading this please forgive me); I just thought it was the sort of thing that would boggle the mind of any ordinary person, whilst being immediately comprehensible, and indeed a matter of sympathy, for any boat owner, particularly one with a macerator.

This morning, the loo is much more powerful...

Depending on whether we can find our way around a little car problem (cracked auto box fluid pipe) we should be headed for Braunston today, or failing that tomorrow. Therefore you must not expect long posts and certainly no photos until I get back, but keep an eye on the Twitter feed and I'll try not to bore you to death. Look forward to meeting you there!


  1. a little car problem

    there's buses from Rugby, who needs cars? ;-)

  2. Have a good trip - I'll be looking out for you at the show.

  3. Hope to see you there, and, yes, I am much better, thanks!

  4. We know there are buses BUT we are rebuilding at the moment and run with all sorts of wood, tools etc. and cannot operate without a car.