Thursday, 2 June 2011

More horsey bits

You will recall the I got my chimney chain (in Ely) from an old piece of decorative horse harness kit, plus of course various horse brasses. Well, today we were mooching about in Lewes and my eye fell upon these items, which I am hoping might serve as a hanging rail or two over the cabin stove. They're gorgeous and obviously old (from the wear on the links); brass wrapped around (presumably) wrought iron. I'm not quite sure what part of the harness they constitute, but they are stamped 'patent', 'solid brass', 'double cased' and 'No. 4'. I just hope they'll fit somehow into the space between the ticket drawer and the table cupboard.

Talking of which, just browsing in the Aladdin's cave that is Lidl, I came across rolls of sticky backed plastic, so I have purchesed two rolls in a red gingham pattern to give that authentic fifties look to the shelves inside.


  1. The brass 'bits', Sarah, afix to a horse collar. The padded collar is what the horse pulls against when hauling a cart. If I am correct, the traces are attached to your 'brass bits'..

  2. Don't alter them you might end up with a horse,no I'm not joking you never know.
    Oh sticky back plastic,I spent ages cleaning that stuff off my shelves and then cut new vynl flooring off cuts to fit.Works well and as Halsall is in 1970's style just now is probably not too far out.Same plan works in kitchen cupboards as well.

  3. The brass bits are 'hames'. Some wooden ones here: