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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Lumpy bottom

Monday, Fazeley Junction to Hawkesbury Junction (10 1/2 hours)
Tuesday, Hawkesbury Junction to Braunston

Not much to say about this epic day really, we just got down and got on with it. Nothing terrible happened but we got stuck on the bottom -or, more accurately, on lumps of stuff on the bottom - a few times. This was the worst I've known for actually feeling the lumps beneath the boat and hearing the shopping trolleys, bikes etc. dinging and scraping along underneath. Along one stretch a couple of boys with a home made grappling hook had hauled out loads of bikes and stuff. Good entertainment for them and certainly better than sitting in front of the computer, but no doubt it will be someone else's entertainment to throw it all back in again before long. This is one of the few stretched we have previously done in Chertsey, and I'm sure it's worse than last year even though there seems to be more water. I really begin to understand the expression 'the bottom's too near the top' - the top after all is the same all along the pound; it's the bottom that varies. Anyway, we made it to the Greyhound and hopefully tonight should see us in Braunston.

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  1. With a bit of luck the lads with the grappling hook will have someone to gather it all up n wiegh it in instead of it just getting chucked back in.