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Saturday 7 May 2011

Des Res

I remember the first time I went into a preserved cottage, at a mining museum in Wales - also the first time I saw a rag rug - and I've loved them ever since. I never go to the Ellesmere Port museum without spending some time in the 'Porters Row' cottages, and over the Easter weekend it was lovely to be able to wander in and out at times when there weren't too many other people around. What is it with me, that I really, really, want to move in?


  1. Did you make a rag mat?I recently derailed the washing machine by putting a biggish hairy one in it and had to clear the filter before it could empty out.Theyr a messy thing to make but oh such satisfaction when you finish.
    I'm currently knitting yet another blanket out of oddments of left over wool.

  2. Yes, I've done four now, and washed the first one quite successfully in my flash new machine on its super gentle wool wash. But it wasn't very hairy! I've always wondered where they got all the rag from; I was amazed how many items of clothing it took the first time I did one.

  3. You have found them as addictive to make as I do and they do eat up a lot of fabric.I look foreward to comparing rag mats at a rally somewhere sometime.
    The hairy on was made out of old denim jeans and my current project is being made out of polycotton ex rental trousers and also sheds lotsa bits.

  4. I got a rag rug kit for Christmas years ago. Oddly enough, I have patience with some things which amazes others, but not with making a rag rug. Feels like painting the 'Queen Mary' with a toothbrush. It's still in 'kit' form.

    But those cottages - if they are like those at Beamish - I could move in and close the door and that's the last you'd see of me. Just like my Nan's.