Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Warrior for sale...

For all of you who've admired Warrior... This lovely, well equipped, beautifully maintained, boat is now, reluctantly, for sale so that we can devote all our attentions to an enormous seventy-five year old rustbucket. (And, quite possibly, a small plastic tub with sails). Well, who said life was rational.

Hours of hair-tearing went into compiling this irresistible Apollo Duck ad.


  1. Nice ad Sarah - nice boat too.

  2. As I'm 40,000 away from buying it, perhaps you could rent it out to me at £500 a month?

  3. If it were 50 to 60 years older Sarah, we might even have been able to do a deal.

    It would probably be a better size for us than the other option we are currently pursuing too!

    But as we already have a 1995 boat, I guess we must pass on this one.

    Good luck with the sale - it must be a difficult decision to make.