Saturday, 17 July 2010

Up the wall

Today I finally got around to putting up my boat and boat-related pictures to brighten up a rather plain white wall. Clearly I'm not going to be invited to join any hanging committees any time soon - I was aiming for a sort of random effect but I'm still not sure whether it's too random or not random enough.

As I acquire more frames (these were all less than a pound each from local charity shops), I'll add to the collection - I can always find the pictures. So far these include a horse drawn barge on the Regents Canal, the interior of Tarporley's back cabin, Tarporley on the Regents Canal in the 70s, me steering Chiswick, Chertsey in 1937, Dipper (Bristol) and butty frozen in at Brentford, and the biggest one, a turn of the century photo of Amsterdam, one of a dozen won by my father for correctly identifying all the cities featured.

1 comment:

  1. Thak you for making the photo large enough (when clicked on) so we can see the pictures!