Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Little mysteries

Well, it wasn't the sterngland after all; I checked this morning and the basin under in was still bone dry. So unless it was the leaky water tank (and that was more of an ooze than a drip, and surely too far away for me to hear) then I don't know what it was. Maybe water condensing on the lid of the kettle and dripping back in. There's another mystery too - the disappearance of Jim's wash bag. He was sure he'd left it hidden in the hold, but when it wasn't there, thought he mist have taken it home. But it's not here either. It's clearly a slow news day, but I'll keep you posted if there are any developments. The good news is that the leaky fitting on the water tank seems to have been cured. I've polished the stove and much of th cabin brass. And that's about it. Sorry.


  1. There is no seems about it!

  2. Was it windy that night? It could be water slapping about under the counter if it's just touching the water, or sat just above of it. I've had that in the past and in gales it is rather annoying!

  3. I know what you mean (quite like it in fact) but this was definitely a drip. Still, I was a bit pissed at the time, so as long as it doesn't happen again we'll put it down to that.