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Sunday 18 April 2010

Back in black

What a beautiful morning, this early and the sun streaming in burning away the mist that presages another lovely day. Yesterday was the first day it's been warm enough to work in a t-shirt; the first time in what seems like forever. So how did I spend this wonderful day? Yep, blacking of course, same as I will be today. Three quarters of one side, from the back, done yesterday, the rest to do today and then at least one more coat.

Meanwhile, Jim was clearing the engine room - every last bit of pipe, wooden engine bearers, everything, thrown outside to be sorted and stacked, followed by the removal of a few bucketfuls of rust flakes... Then on to the hold, out went all the shuts, the mast and stands and planks, leaving only... two engines in bits and a large drum of diesel. So a fun day in store today.

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