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Wednesday 12 June 2019

A stroll around the island

If only we had made it to Sheffield on Warrior in 2009 - and found our way to the pub that was our intended destination - I might have even older memories and photos to compare to the present day. Ten years doesn't sound a lot, but it's seen the transformation of Kelham Island (a small part of Sheffield) from industrial dereliction (mmmm....) to hipster paradise and the Academy of Urbanism's Best UK Neighbourhood 2019. I hadnt heard of the Academy of Urbanism, I confess, but their 'assessment summary' of the case for Kelham Island seems very thorough and, I confess, made me feel warmer towards the regeneration/gentrification than I had previously. And you have to love any reference to 'the partly revegetated goit'.

Anyway, when the rain finally paused on Monday, after a day stuck in front of the computer, I took a brisk stroll around the area, and found that there was still much to please me.

 And lest you think this is too devastated and depressing, I believe that these were the former works of this outfit,
who would appear still to be thriving.

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