Saturday, 17 June 2017

Polishing as we go

We didn't leave Alvecote until gone ten so although we've overshot Hawkesbury by a bit, it's not very much. I persuaded Jim that it would be better on the boat in the promised heat of tomorrow afternoon than in the car. The weather has certainly been fabulous today. As we don't have the luxury of time to spare after we arrive in Braunston, we've been polishing as we went along today. Jim tackled the chimney - always the worst job - and did the two pontoonside portholes before we left. The remaining porthole I did in six separate mini-sessions, as we went up Atherstone.


  1. I handed two items to the crew of Typhoon as they passed us today on their way to Braunston. Those items are for you, and both concern revolution. Treat them as a (late) birthday present.

    1. Oooh... intriguing. Thank you :-)
      More early than late!