Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Box

I bought myself a Christmas present...

One that may be of particular interest to the Finchers and the Herbies...


  1. Gosh! Can you play it? Happy Christmas to you from Jan and me.

  2. Happy Christmas Sarah :)

    Can't wait to see & hear the YouTube of you playing, not so much an iPlayer but more a uPlay'er... ;)

  3. You never cease to amaze me Sarah! I look forward to hearing you play. Happy Christmas to you and Jim
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  4. When you'very learned two tunes on the melodeon, that'll be one more than me! Enjoy:)

  5. Ah, a Pokerwork - a good box - what Cath started with.
    Is it a German one or a Chinese one, I wonder?
    And what keys is it in? (Everything we currently have is D/G - except a three row one, and that is A/D/G)
    We certainly expect you good enough for the jam session in the Barlow at next year's Alvecote festival!

  6. You need to know about Melodeon playgroup, held in February near Evesham.

  7. Found it:,19740.msg239018.html#msg239018

    This is essential for beginners - I attended when I had been playing for a couple of weeks. Really supportive atmosphere, great fun and loads of lovely people to meet. We go on the Friday evening and stay through until mid Sunday, although the Saturday is the teaching day. Friday there is a big session, Sunday we all turn out to play for the Morris side, Belle D'Vain.

    The Fleece Inn in Bretforton, where it is held, is fabulous.

  8. I believe a certain Mr Askin has an interest, too ;-)

    we're mere piano accordion players, and should be looked down upon appropriately ;-)

    anyway, mastered Winster Gallop yet?