Thursday, 2 January 2014

Easy start

Well, having solved more than half of the Guardian cryptic crossword on Monday, I managed two and a half clues on Tuesday, and absolutely none yesterday. It's only lucky l started when I did, or I might have given up already.

Never having paid the thing any attention before, I don't know whether the difficulty is randomly distributed, or if there's a deliberate escalation through the week. If so I dread to think what Saturday's is like - although they do at least offer a prize for that one, part of which is their 'Secrets of the Setters' book, which you would think would be splendidly redundant to anyone who had got that far.

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  1. Hi

    Our experience (well, actually, Sheila's) is that some setters are easier to solve than others, a case of alignment of cognitive strategies, presumably. So no, it's not a case of getting harder as the week goes on, usually, just a matter of luck as to which setter set which day's puzzle.

    Happy New Year!