Saturday, 11 January 2014

Disconcerting cruet

After the last HNBC meeting and 'social' back in November, an ever increasing number of us repaired to the Folly at Napton for supper. Jim and I had a most enjoyable meal, seated at a table with Amy and James of Willow. My meal was haunted somewhat by the ostensibly delightful, but actually rather disturbing cruet.

The bone shaped pepper pot was fine, but it did feel rather peculiar to invert the small terrier and see streams of salt pour from its blank eyes onto my chips.

Apologies for neglecting to get an action shot, but it was every bit as weird as you might imagine.


  1. So it's disquieting to fill small replicas of domestic animals with salt; whereas it's fine to put one's feet into them (previous post). Oh yes, it's the eyes. We don't like them being tampered with.

  2. at least it comes out of the eyes!?

    try the first eight minutes of this: we managed not to smash the radio (actually computer, but anyway(