Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cutting it

Jim has refitted the cutter on Chertsey's engine pipe ready for the trip to the Port next week. I don't believe we ever damaged this one on a bridge; it was held on with bolts that were rattling loose, and the idea on a nut down the exhaust didn't appeal, so we took it off for that reason.

I am still in two minds as to whether the aesthetic and tunnel-crap avoidance benefits outweigh the extra height, but


  1. Get a shorter one for tunnels ??

  2. Although 90-95% of the time in a "wet" tunnel like Blisworth you will largely get away without a "cutter", on those remaining small percentage of times, particularly after certain weather conditions, it is a very serious mistake to go through without one.

    I can imagine you can work out how I know this, (!), but all I can say is it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience, took hours to clean up the boat and me, and I was still suffering from grit and soot in my eyes about 2 days later.

    That said, our boat throws enough smoke that my "pipe" of choice, (except in wet tunnels!), is a similar height to that you picture, but with no cutter, in a bid to get the smoke to pass overhead, rather than getting "slit" and much of it then coming straight at you.

    I really must get a "proper" pipe made for normal use - the slightly bent Midland Chandlers offering currently in use doesn't really look the part!