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Monday 26 December 2011

Meek and mild

I realised this morning that yesterday was the first Christmas day since 1984 that I spent without an offspring or two in tow. They seemed to manage ok without me.

Meanwhile, I have Willow to worry about. He went for his first outing yesterday, stalking about very cautiously, and dashing back to the boat when startled, which must be a good sign.

Today he was more adventurous and stalked further afield, but still keeping us in sight.

He had his Christmas dinner yesterday, and seemed to enjoy it. We were able to open the table out in the back end (usually a sort of office) to have a proper sit down dinner.

And then he had a nap.

Today we set to work on Chertsey. The cloths are apparently finally in the process of being made, so we need to clear the hold out to provide access all the way along each side for fitting them. So, Jim having mended the bilge pump, he finished pumping out the hold, and then we tackled the tent, or shanty town, as it had become, where Jim (and latterly Paul) had been sleeping. For 20 quids' worth from B&M bargains it has done a good job, albeit shored up with further layers of heavy duty polythene. Then we dashed back in to listen to Brain of Britain and to be horrified and depressed at the declining standards of general knowledge exhibited.

Meek and mild of course has been the weather. I wonder what will become of the hard winter that was forecast earlier in the year.


  1. Worse still, I can even answer some of the questions on Round Britain Quiz these days! Uni Challenge is still hard though - well, to me at any rate.

    Glad you are all comfy in your new abode, and I look forward to reading what happens next year. Let's hope we get some water to float on.


  2. best wishes to Willow,biggest risk is somebody/thing scaring him before he has learned his new territory.We usually keep cats in for 3 weeks before letting them explore and always let them out hungry at first so they have an incentive to come back.
    Good Luck with all your plans in your new home.How is Singapore?
    hope to catch up with you sometime next year.
    regards madcat