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Saturday 3 December 2011

So much stuff!

For months now, we have been living in chaos and uproar, and I don'tvreally know how (well, perhaps 'if' would be a better question) I've stayed sane. Over the years, thanks to a serious jumble sale/charity shop/flea market habit we have accumulated so much stuff you wouldn't believe. Individually each object is lovely (though some earlier finds have been superseded by lovelier versions of themselves), but cumulatively, the effect has gradually, imperceptibly, become somewhat overwhelming. I do find myself thinking wistfully of a simpler, sparser, existence. Lucky I'm going to be going to live on a boat then, even if it does boast about as much internal space as you can have and still be on a narrow boat.

The sensation of living in an antique emporium has been heightened in recent months by my feeble attempts to start sorting stuff out without having anywhere else to put it, the upshot being large piles of stuff on the floor and in the middle of every room, while I look helplessly at and try to decide what to do with it. I am fairly ruthless in shedding stuff; I have some treasured possessions which either have sentimental historical value, or which I just love for themselves, but in the very nature of being treasures, they are few and far between. Many lovely objects have come into my home, and into my life, over the years, but I see that as one stage of their journey; it feels wrong to hoard things for the sake of it when they could be giving pleasure to someone else. Time for me to move on, and them too.

So a large pile is forming for the Searchlight shop, should they ever get their act together and come and fetch it, otherwise it's first come first served for the big national charity shops. A car full, literally (and we're not talking a small car here either) of books will be winging its way to Oxfam in Brighton tomorrow. The children are fighting over the furniture (mainly when neither of them wants it), and a hired van is sitting on the drive... Today I finally started to move some stuff into it; stuff - including furniture - that we are taking to Bakewell, and suddenly, things seem to be falling into place.

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  1. I can imagine a reluctance to let that stuff go. I cannot imagine, because not as brave as you, letting stuff, having some value to somebody, go. So ... I suggest a quick put-it-on-the-market, like ebay, craigslist etc, 'n' see what happens.
    Best of

  2. I have thought about it, but no individual item is valuable enough to make it worth the hassle.

  3. car boot sale,a bit thin on the ground this time of year.Anywhere do table top sales. If you are brave enough you could have a garage sale.Pity Chertsey isn't clothed up or you could have stashed a lot of it on there and sold it to passing boats next summer.
    Is it worth hiring a church hall and doing a jumble sale in aid of historic boat restoration.Chertsey would help you spend the proceeds.
    Good Luck