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Sunday 18 December 2011

Looks like I get two votes!

Thanks to Alan Fincher for tracking down this rather obscure FAQ about the forthcoming C&RT Council elections on the Waterscape site.

Unlike some other bloggers, I was aware that the elections were being conducted by the Electoral Reform Society (it does say say so on the invitation to stand which was sent out a couple of weeks ago) and having participated in many elections organised by them in the past, I have no worries that the election will be fair and well organised.

I am also pleased to see that the election will be conducted by Single Transferable Vote. Back when I was a member of the Liberal Party and the Electoral Reform Society, I recall that our rallying cry was somewhat slow to catch on: What do we want? Single Transferable Vote in Multi Member Constituencies! When do we want it? Well, once the House of Commons has been reformed, constituency boundaries redrawn, and the voting punlic educated....

I am not as pleased as might be expected to see this:
'... For fairness and practicality, the election is on the basis of one vote per licence.' People who jointly own a boat should '... agree how your vote is used with your partner'

In the interests of practicality, maybe; it is hard to see how anything else could be done. But fairness? That airy statement about agreeing with your partnerbis far too glib - partners often disagree about many things, and this may call forth conflicting personal loyalties. And what about shared ownership boats, where there are not just two partners, but a dozen or more.

And this seems to confirm what I had wondered about - as the holder of two licences, it would appear that I (and indeed Alan Fincher!) get two votes. This of course would far more easily be overcome, by limiting any individual licence holder to one vote.

All this earnest discussion, of course, presupposes that the Council itself, and the four 'boaters' on it, will have a significant role. We probably might just as well argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


  1. Don't knock the "two votes if two boats" thing, if that is indeed what ends up being the case.

    It guarantees I could end up with at least double the worst result I might otherwise have got.

    (All assuming I don't cock up the voting, of course!).

  2. A vote per boat is reasonable enough. An owner of two boats is evidently a committed boater, and should know what's what.

    I assume owners of hire fleets, with, potentially, dozens of votes, are disqualified by not being private boaters.

  3. Or how about using the BCN Challenge handicap approach and getting a part vote for a shorter boat (72ft = 100%)...

  4. Yes one vote per boat seems OK, but I agree with you "What about share boats" That is a shame that those boaters are not going to be heard.

    After all they are all boaters so do have a right to a vote!

  5. did you see this?