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Sunday 23 January 2011

New top dog blog

Thanks to my unhealthy obsession with the UK Waterways Ranking site, I was able to observe a historic moment this afternoon - the toppling of Granny Buttons, doyen of waterways bloggers, from the top blog spot, handing his crown over to No Problem. Of course, it may have briefly happened previously and escaped my notice, but this will be the first chance for it to be noted on Halfie's weekly round-up. I wonder what the positions will be when he takes this week's snapshot. Maybe, like me, he was watching the screen, hitting 'refresh' and waiting for that moment...

My own experience suggests that regular - and frequent - updating is the key to keeping up a position in the rankings, and since landing a job in the (ha!) old media (i.e. printed on paper and trucked around the country to be sold, for money, in retail outlets, how quaint) this is something Granny, aka Andrew, has neglected somewhat. I hope he won't be abandoning it altogether though; it would be a sad loss indeed of not only an entertaining read but a piece of blogosphere heritage. I must admit No Problem hadn't been on my list of regular reads, although I knew about the information Sue and Vic compile about which marinas allow self declaration and which don't, and other stuff, so I had a peek today and it is certainly comprehensive, informative and friendly.

And now having noted this momentous shift of the blogosphere on its axis, I must get back to writing a lecture about Local Strategic Partnerships. And you wondered why I was staring at the ranking site for the past two hours.


  1. It is the first time recorded on my daily data capture, although there was just 30 difference on 13th January.

    You can see more of the records in the monthly update on our blog here

    It must be time Chertsey got a second mention, perhaps at the end of this month - keep watching.

  2. Top dog is not something I relish, I tend to like to be in the pack.

    It is because Andrew has not been blogging of late, I wonder if there is some cellotape across his face now that he has the job at Waterways World? Does one have to be careful what one says springs to mind!

    Sorry you weren't around yesterday when we passed it would have been nice to put a face to the Chertsey and the Blog.

  3. Sarah,

    Sue's blog is (IMHO) the de facto blog for those who aspire to living aboard and moving around the system. I would say this was a handover from Mike on NB Snecklifter who's blog was very inspiring and informative - just like Sue's is. It is one of my favourite reads.


  4. There's an update on the "momentous shift of the blogosphere" on our blog today at

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Did you feel the blogosphere shift on its axis again this afternoon?