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Saturday 8 January 2011

Ever hopeful

Ever hopeful that the thaw will continue apace, and that the window in the stoppages will occur, we are making plans to move Chertsey next weekend. We have one trusty Volvo already in place at Stretton, to come home in, so don't really want to drive up there - and, we've just calculated, it would cost over £100 in petrol to get there and back. Eeek.

Anyway, we always planned to go by train - and even, if we're feeling very adventurous, bus - so I just settled down to investigate fares. At first sight it didn't look too good - the best price shown by the National Rail website was £75 for the two of us. Cheaper than driving but still a lot to risk on an advance ticket for something that might not come off.

A bit of shopping around later, and I'd got it down to £41.10; worth taking a risk on and a significant saving. That's £25.30 with Southern for an off-peak single for two with internet discount; £1.90 each to get from Victoria to Euston on the tube, and then - the real bargain the National Rail site keeps quiet - £12 for two from Euston to Stafford with London Midland. Slower than Virgin but oh-so-much cheaper. It's not quite as early in the day as we'd ideally like to go, but it will certainly do.

Now I just have to look up the buses from Stafford to Great Haywood again. It can be done!!

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