Monday, 13 September 2010

New tricks

Day 10, Black Country Museum to Penkridge.


I've got some nice photos of industrial dereliction, but I'll save them for a quiet moment. We didn't set off until nine, and started down the 21 at 11.30, taking it nice and leisurely, until about a third of the way up a familiar figure appeared - Henry and Phyllis, retired professional boatman and woman, were following us down. We'd met them at the rally, and they're lovely people - and they insisted that we weren't holding them up, but it certainly put the pressure on. Even though they had to refill every lock behind us, they still kept right with us. And found time to teach us a trick or two as well!


  1. Do you mean Henry and Phyllis on the 21

  2. Glad your having a good trip back Sarah, no wonder it took you so long as I see they've added another ten locks onto the Wolverhampton flight The couple following you were probably Henry and Phyllis not John. See you back at Kings Bromley soon

  3. Managed to correct it! Phew - now no one will ever know ;-)