Saturday, 5 June 2010

Now for the tricky bit

The day has finally arrived (with not much time to spare). We are leaving shortly to collect the engine. Getting that safely into the trailer and to its destination will be the first challenge. Then the tanks have to go back in, and then the engine. Then, once the propshaft is adjusted for backwards/forwards alignment, the whole boat goes back in the water, and the fun starts. The Petter manual is adamant - it puts it in CAPITAL LETTERS - that the engine's alignment up/down and sideways-wise must be done WHILE THE BOAT IS AFLOAT. This seems to be the critical bit, and with PD2s' reputations for breaking crankshafts (whatever the cause) is something to be taken very seriously. The tolerances quoted in the handbook are minute - down to two decimal places of a mm; thousands of an inch. So that should be fun.

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