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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Beer news

Because what could be more important?

I have to admit that the Abbeydale Voyager is growing on me a bit, but hopefully I'll be able to break the habit soon, because I have just placed an order with Kelham Island which should be an improvement in at least four ways.

1. Nicer beer - I've ordered eight each of Easy Rider, Pale Rider and Riders on the Storm. I've had all of them before, I like them all well enough, but I can't remember which is my favourite, so I thought I'd better check.

2. Significantly less expensive beer. OK, they're calling themselves 'craft' now, but maybe my 'two pounds a pint' jibe did have some truth in it (as being the difference between real ale and craft beer). A pack of eight x 500 ml bottles from Kelham Island is £15, with free delivery (to S postcodes, sorry).

I've just done some calculations, and The Abbeydale Voyager comes out at £3.44 a pint (£64 for 24 x 440ml); the Kelham Island at £2.13 - even for similar strength.

3. 500ml - i.e. nearly a proper pint, unlike Abbeydale's 440ml cans

4. Bottles

It almost seems too good to be true, so I'll let you have an update when it arrives ...

Talking of beer, I've rediscovered Pete Brown's beer blog, after suddenly thinking of it in the night. Blogger won't let me add it to the blogroll though, so I've added it to the links list (different widget; I dunno).


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  1. I'm currently enjoying my eight bottles of Felinfoel Double Dragon and eight of Felinfoel ESB ordered direct from the brewery in Llanelli at just over £2 per 500ml including delivery. It may not count as supporting a local business but Llanelli is my home town and Felinfoel was one of the first beers I drank.