Thursday, 26 July 2018

Like Stourport, but even better

No one else understood what I meant, but that was my verdict on this year's works outing destination. Previously we've been to Cleethorpes (twice) and Saltaire, but this beat them both (although Saltaire was good).

We had ice cream in a splendidly opulent ice cream shop, a slap up fish lunch dinner, went boating on the river, walked along the canal, and took in some industrial heritage and antique purchasing (although we did have to stroll into the next town for those). There were plenty of indoor attractions that we might have taken in if the weather hadn't been so brilliant, and outdoor ones that we might have done had we not been too stingy.

A glorious, weird and wonderful place, and only an hour in the charabanc (hardly time to open a second bottle of  brown ale).

I'd go there again.
Like Stourport, only better. What do you think?


  1. Stourport by the Sea Home to the Brum Navy

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, forgot from Canal is just round the corner. They even have a Venetian nights lighted boat night later in the year,

  3. I've thought of a few places, but none ties up with all your clues. I'll list those places: Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Sowerby Bridge, Cromford are all about the right distance from Sheffield but fall down on several other points. Bugsworth/Whaley Bridge? But what are all the indoor attractions? I think I need another clue ...