Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Archaeology of a road

This is what my road looked like a couple of months ago:

This is what it looked like as they prepared it for resurfacing:

This is what it looks like now:

At least they've left the pavement alone:

One of the (very many) conditions of the original lease on the house in 1899 was that the lessee, at his own expense, would 'make and complete ... a good flagged footpath ... of the width of eight feet.'

Here's an interesting regional (or is it a class) observation.

The steps to the front door:

The steps to the back door:


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  2. When I lived in Bolton in the early eighties the street had stone setts (sometimes called "cobbles") and the footway had stone flags. It was proper northern! I went back ten years or so later and the whole lot was just tarmac. The locals probably thought it was better though.

  3. It is a shame they have not kept some of the cobbled streets. But I guess it is easier for them to maintain tarmac.

  4. Hope they leave the paving stones at least. But it would seem Amey is determined to ruin our streets. Good job there were no trees, they would have been felled as well,

  5. The flags will be gone soon as well. They are aiming to make all residential streets in Sheffield the same. Tarmac roads and footpaths.

    1. That's worrying. Have you got inside info?