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Monday 10 July 2017

In the shade

I have been giving some thought to lighting in my new house. Over the years - many years ago, in fact - we collected at various jumble sales three lovely thirties glass bowl shades. One is a fabulous orange with white blotches - that will go in the dining room. There's a more subtle peachy-orange one, for my bedroom, and a pale green one, which will go well in the study. For the kitchen I am working on tracking down a pair of suitable industrial style enamelled metal pendants. And for the front room, I have this beauty:
21 inches in diameter, and getting in the way ever since I bought it in Oxfam about nine months ago. Jim is digging around under the bedroom floor to attach a hook to the joist for it, before the carpet goes in.

In other news, The Yorkshire Tile Company did not disappoint, and I have ordered my tiles for the kitchen. They continue the quasi-industrial, quasi-Victorian vibe which will be augmented with some seventies artefacts (not least my dish draining rack, which is a story in its own right). I've been getting tiling ideas for the bathroom too, which is a bit worrying, as I had thought I'd be content with the boring white trade tiles - which can, it transpires, be matched. But I've always been a complete sucker for tiles.

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