Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Worthing Wurlitzer

I didn't even know there was a Wurlitzer in Worthing until we went to see Sebastian and Izzi playing in a concert with the Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra at the Assembly Hall, when I saw a poster about it - and a list of forthcoming concerts, including one by historic narrow boating's very own David Lowe. So I got Baz to snap up some tickets for last Sunday and we got a little party together.

The snapping up wasn't strictly necessary, as it turned out, as West Sussex did not turn out in great numbers. I felt quite ashamed on behalf of The South - the audience was much bigger in Saltaire.
The console, from the Troxy, Stepney

The Worthing Wurlitzer is a massive beast - an amalgam of at least three different organs with odd bits from many more, and apparently the largest in Europe. Its specification may be found here (read it; it's poetry) and its history here.
The audience's view of the cinema organist

We had a lovely welcome from David - and he dedicated a medley of water-related songs to the historic narrow boating contingent. There was tea and very nice lemon cake in the interval.
After the concert we all repaired to a local Wetherspoons for dinner (sorry David, tea) and lively conversation. It was a splendid afternoon and evening - and the first time at a cinema organ concert for Jim, Sebastian and Izzi. 'Astonishing', 'entertaining' and 'brilliant' were some of their verdicts.

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