Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Old photos of Sheffield

Sheffield Basin (aka Victoria Quays), June 1987
 From the J R James archive
Licenced under Creative Commons

A friend sent me a link to this Flickr account. It's the J R James archive at the University of Sheffield, and contains hundreds of photos taken in the course of studies of town and regional planning. There are lots of various new towns, as you would expect, and also many of Sheffield - most earlier than this one.

The downside though (to someone who's not a Flickr expert) is that the hundreds of photos appear to heve been uploaded fairly randomly, and aren't tagged, so you will have to devote many happy hours finding your favourites, whether they be of Park Hill or Cumbernauld.

 Still very much worth a look though.


  1. Oh, "Brave New World" indeed!

  2. Thanks for the kind words about our archive - but we should clarify that they most definitely ARE tagged! And organised into sets too! Must have been a blip when you looked. Here is the sets view, for example:

    We spent 10 weeks categorising and uploading and tagging and many are geolocated too.

    Glad you've enjoyed it!

  3. Hi archive person
    I couldn't believe they weren't. I shall have to have another go and try harder.
    Thank you for such a wonderful set of photos.