Sunday, 13 April 2014

This river is not endearing itself to me

Back on my bugbear, the River Soar. For once a nice day, apart from the wind; dry and with plenty of sun. A few things still managed to go wrong though, but we still managed to make it to Mountsorrel, where Jim and I have never stopped before. The first two pubs we tried didn't do food on Sunday evenings, so we ended up at the Quarrymaster. Formerly the Railway, this was clearly a new venture - the owners having been been there since November. Things didn't start well, as the Bombardier was clearly and severely off, but it was replaced without a murmur with Bass which was fine. The revelation though was the food, which was all excellent. We met the chef, who was not long out of a local college, where he had won prizes. So that made a very nice ending to a somewhat trying day.


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