Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Post about nothing very much

Basically, we're ready to set off tomorrow, nice and early, to catch up with Plover in Penkridge and thence make our way to Foxton in convoy. Of the three possible routes we are taking the one that was initially bottom of our list - via the Soar. It is the obvious way to go, the shortest and quickest route, and it hasn't rained for quite a while now has it... Anyway, we will be travelling up river so it won't be as exciting as our first experience of that waterway on Warrior was.

The glamping boat has survived the winter well and is proving most commodious. Last weekend we put in one of the window cloths so now have natural light to the bathroom (well, it does have a bath even if it's not actually a room. Although it is in the sense of being the space between two stands, or possibly a few knees) and the living/kitchen area.

Most of the brass is polished, and there is a modest floral arrangement of willow and blackthorn on the cabintop.

Easter here we come!

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