Monday, 26 November 2012


Goodness, why has it taken me so long to add Nick's Eileen blog to the old boat blogroll? Nick won the great 'how many candidates will stand for the boaters' places on the CRT Council' sweepstake back in January; I've met him, and heard about his ongoing project of a 1903 day boat, BCN no. 18686, aka Eileen; I knew he had a blog; I've even looked at it. You should too - it has some stunning photos.

Tomorrow: I travel seventy miles to look at a hole in the ground.


  1. Hi Sarah

    Many thanks for including our 'Eileen' blog in your blog roll, it's much appreciated.

    very best wishes


    ps. I hope your new job's going well. Hopefully we'll catch up at the next HNBC social in the Spring...

  2. Nick's blog - one of the best. Especially like silent sunday.