Thursday, 7 June 2012


Yes, I am still cross at my inability to get online with the laptop... Steps have been taken and money has been spent but so far has not borne fruit. I am coming to the view that the one thing we haven't yet tried - changing network - will prove to be what's required. Meanwhile we have a new dongle and aerial but can't test it out until we can get the dongle properly installed on the laptop...

So in the meantime, here is a photo of my lovely cross straps, made from the heavy ('hench' is apparently the latest young person term of approbation for this quality) cotton line we were lucky enough to pick up at the Droitwich tat auction. Spliced by me (grins proudly) and whipped by Jim to finish the ends off neatly. They worked very well although as you can see we had to lift the button fender, at least until they stretch a bit.


  1. hope you get sorted soon.Like the cross straps by the way.
    Sometime soon I hope to catch up with you both and ask for a bit of advice on various "town" matters.
    Love to Willow

  2. Darling Willow had a rabbit this morning. He is not in our good books.

  3. would he do for an overpopulation of wood pigeons we are suffering from? I suppose prey species in kit form on the kitchen floor is not ideal if you are squeamish.Believe me 2nd hand is worse though,don't eat the feathers daft cat!Boris is an exellent clearer up of yuk luckily.