Sunday, 3 June 2012

Busy with Bazzie and Izzi

As you will have gathered from his pirate broadcast, we had a visit last week from, ahem, Sebastian and Isobel. It was a wonderful week, during which we did indeed drag the butty up to the Anchor at High Offley, and back, visited the Black Country Museum and Ma Pardoe's, and generally had a fantastic time. Apart from the swift downpour that drenched us at Wheaton Aston lock on the way back, the weather was brilliant. The kiddiwinks took to boating like ducks to water. Baz already had some experience with Warrior but Izzi was a complete novice - and a complete natural. Not many people's first experience of narrow boating is on a big Woolwich with a butty on cross straps, but she was completely unfazed and threw herself into everything with great verve.

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