Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Seaside postcards

A couple of favourite photos from the sea trip. I've left them big so that you can see them full size and even zoom in.
A young seagul with - yes - a fish in its beak. That's Sizewell in the background. The first ever benefit gig I went to was for the Stop Sizewell B campaign. It featured Christopher Timothy, for some reason, and somewhere I still have the programme he signed. Despite my sixth form efforts, Sizewell B went ahead, and now I've seen it for the first time.
And this is us passing Felixtowe. I just like the contrast between the stark white yachts and the grey misty background. Of all the photos I took, there weren't many to choose from where the horizon was straight. I shall have to pay more attention to that.


  1. I have enjoyed your salty posts - was enthusing to Jeff about your venerable old engine and commented on the obscure dip stick issue. With his immense 2 weeks motor mechanics course behind him I was informed its probably short and on the sump! I was suitable shocked.

  2. Great trip. Makes a change from all that ditch crawling, eh! And the boat's great too. Reminds me of our old 1933 Banham mahogany/oak Broads cruiser. Much missed (even though we fought a rearguard action to keep it in decent nick).

  3. If my photos are a bit wonky, I use picnik.com to straighten them up.