Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blogpress ate my posts

You might think that my last post was about meeting Sarah from the book barge. In fact, I wrote two other posts since then; one about the unpopularity of Petter PD2s possibly being due to the necessity of completely dismantling and reassembling them in order to fix anything, and the other a rather poetic account, with which I was particularly pleased, of the effect of the turn of the tide up the Torksey lock cut.

I hit save, as usual, and selected 'publish now'; got the message that my post had published successfully and did I want to view it now (I think perhaps I even did), and put the iPad away, a job well done. Or so I thought until I got home and looked at the blog, to find no trace of those two posts. Nothing saved in Blogpress either. Disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again. Unless of course you know of a way of retrieving them...

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  1. Have you recently upgraded your iPad to ios5 ?

  2. technology, specially designed to exasperate.
    PD2,I'm saying nothing ,my Lister is no angel but Iam used to it.
    Hope you either find or re post about your engine cos Iam most curious [its a cat thing]