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Saturday 23 April 2011

Best campsite in the world

Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day, and it felt great to be properly on holiday. Wandering around the site, meeting new people, buying hippy skirts... Amy and James Duck arrived at lunchtime and set up camp in the hold, and other than that, really, nothing happened. The solar shower on the cabin top produced satisfactorily hot water for washing up, and I reckon thet it is more effective on the cabin top where the steel is conducting heat underneath it, than lying on the reflective bubble wrap on top of the water tank - although I own that the latter may have got slightly less sun. This is such a nice place to be, especially in the evening after the crowds have gone, and first thing in the morning.
Watching the ships go by...

Last night we were sitting outside drinking and chatting when behind the boats and the buildings a ship came slipping down the Ship Canal, dwarfing us all. Shortly after that the steel grey clouds were split with the first shaft of lightening, and as the rain began to fall we took shelter in the bar, where we spent a very pleasant evening. This morning is cooler, and breezy, but still pleasant.

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