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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Shilling - Day Two

I'm afraid that there is nothing much to report today. Woke at six and had several cups of tea. This time with fresh milk rather than UHT which apparently went out of date last november (it says that but surely UHT lasts for ever provided the seals not broken, ours wasn't lumpy oranything, it just tasted of UHT. God, I'm a bit of a snob aren't I?) and a bit of cold pizza for breakfast (also had some for lunch; told you it was massive) and we were off again.

Unlike yesterday:
Nothing go stuck in the prop.
It didn't rain.
There were no boats full of men on probation for Jim to shout 'bad boys' at.

Stopped at twelve and had a bit of a chill, as Jim thinks all young people call it, and we're still chilling. Very relaxed day. Still on schedule as well so that's a good thing.

Everything's fine.
I may go pop the kettle on.


  1. the concept of "chill" has escaped from youth speak to a much wider age group.Boris ,age 79 and 11/12ths is a great exponent of said idea and if he says "whatever" too many times he may not survive to 8o.
    Time to put the kettle on ,after all us oldies dont do many miles to the cup of tea.
    Cheers from madcat

  2. Surely the "bad boys" should have double quotes thus, as it is quoted verbatim. Monsty