Monday, 1 November 2010


The days are getting shorter, but dragging. There's not enough natural light to give us energy, but electric light keeps us awake and working when we should be sleeping. The cold and wind and wet keeps us hunched and cowering in hermetically sealed double glazed energy efficient airless houses.

God, I need to go boating. To wrap up against the wind and rain, get the stove going and the hatches open; find the little scraps of sunlight that are left, and breathe the fresh cold air.


  1. How right you are,I always feel so much better on the boat than I do stuck at home.I do tend to be more active in a boaty sort of way in the winter,you have places to yourself a lot more as well.

  2. Blimey Sarah,

    How I connected with that sentiment.....I just wish I were braver and could do a boat type Reggie Perrin !!


  3. Ha! Been wrapped up against that wind and rain and breathing some of that fresh cold air and was therefore delighted to find myself in a house this weekend :-D
    Seriously though, it is DOES feel good to live the changing seasons afloat, even though it all gets a bit tough in winter.

  4. Winter cruising, other than in ice, is divine. I love the end of a hard days boating in the driving rain, the bitter cold, or the snow and coming inside to a tank of hot water, a stove of hot coals, and a pot of hot vegetable stew. Oh yes!!!

  5. Sarah, I'm missing your blogging. Please do some more! I mean, c'mon! You've slipped behind even me in the ratings!